Ana’s “Vacay”

Cherry BlossomsSo Ana’s is on a “Vacay”. Closed until October 1st. Of course this means we are all in the mode of end of summer Tabanka Blues…the summer is done. The Beachtastic Sunday is in hibernation and we are all flat out exhausted.

Truth, its good to have a little rest; although Ana’s Restaurant and Art Gallery still seems to be working behind the scenes. The calendar for the new season is awesome. Have you taken note of Geisha? Everything that is elegant, saucy, fabulous and Japanese and so “Chique”…

While I sigh and pout over my Tabanka Summer Blues, I am lounging just like the Geisha waiting for my Kimono. I have my lipstick and eyeliner and heels. Have to look classy and fabulous for that event. October 2nd is the new save the date!

Sake, Champagne, Sushi, Japan on the Grill, Calvin Southwell Production on Stage… Geisha WOW! Maybe just a little longer for the “Vacay”, then I am on the move…set to reawaken the party season!

Ana’s does it again, bringing a twinkle back to the eye as I look forward to the new season.

Party Done? Nahh..its just going to get better at Ana’s Restaurant & Art Gallery on Dickenson Bay!


Karen Walwyn