Breaking News West Coast Location Introduces Three New Restaurants

10945878_468475926668506_900615097517578298_oComing this season is a new location for the foodies and “limers” of Antigua. An exciting mix of styles and food, the establishments are small and exquisite designed for fun and relaxation. This is part of a new initiative to have a group of restaurants exist in a small village dedicated to food and the Caribbean party atmosphere of camaraderie and hospitality. The village is located on the Bolans Main Road, strategically located in the midst of the hotels located along the West Coast of Antigua.

Word on the street speaks of three of the new restaurants due to open this October. The first is called The Saloon; serving Tex Mex style food with the added comfort of lounge chairs and game tables. Outdoors is the perfect location for the Pool and Mega Slide at the Saloon, where tables and benches supply the perfect location for a family type gathering. Meanwhile, next-door is El Tren, a quirky and cute little cabin train car outfitted from the days of the Wild West serving sizzling steaks and meats. The third restaurant, El Pescador, is dedicated to seafood of all kinds.

The concept is interesting and different and should set a new trend this season. More details will follow giving the opening date and specials with The Saloon, El Tren and El Pescador. It looks like an exciting season 2015 – 2016 is set for Antigua & Barbuda.