Summer Beachtastic Pink Style

IMG_8396Jazz on the beachI joined the gym…a month ago. I really plan to go, eventually. Summer is here and the beach beckons. These days you really have to look the part, especially if you are going to be liming with the beautiful people. Not to mention is it party season with carnival just around the corner. Summer preparations really are quite stressful. What to wear, whom to see and how to style your hair…it goes on and on. But you know what friends…my new motto is “live your life.” Besides, I am definitely participating in and celebrating a Beachtastic Summer!

And maybe a few pink drinks!

by: Karen Walwyn

All muddled up



Things are getting a little muddled here at Ana’s. And we’re not just talking about that fuzzy-headed ‘morning after’ feeling (although that’s a distinct possibility too thanks to our bartenders’ notoriously enthusiastic pouring technique). Muddling is the combining of ingredients for a cocktail by mashing them in the bottom of a glass into one happy squelch of deliciousness. Continue reading All muddled up

For the love of food


There’s no need for an aphrodisiac here at Ana’s on the Beach where love emanates from every corner. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy an oyster or two, the quintessential cuisine d’amour! What better to kick off our first gourmet night than fresh oyster amouse-bouches, bursting with subtle flavours, heavenly juices and just general loveliness. Continue reading For the love of food