Chef Naomi Displays Her Style At Antigua’s Mango Fest

016_16Chef Naomi has learned her craft in the kitchens of some of Antigua’s best kitchens including that of Carlisle Bay, a five star resort in Antigua. From line cook to chef Ana’s Restaurant & Art Gallery is very proud to have Naomi create signature dishes and recipes in our kitchen, one of which will be featured in this year’s Mango Fest Chef’s Competition. Her entry which, she states boasts the flavours of Antigua’s famous black pineapple and sweet mangoes with a dash of our Antigua Cavalier Rum, starts with an appetizer of a Tropical Duck Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, followed by an entre of Antiguan Pineapple Cavalier Infused Snapper, served with basil and mango mash potatoes, accompanied by beet and baby spinach salad, is a gourmand’s delight. Ana’s welcomes you to her table, with love…

Appetizer Recipe

Tropical Duck Salad with Cherry Tomatoes


Roast Bell Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes




Red Leaf Lettuce

Duck Breast

Olive Oil

Marinate duck breast in mango extract for five to ten minutes

Create a mild pineapple and ginger vinaigrette

Place Bell Peppers on the Grill

Slice Mangos

Remove duck breast and place on rack to drain excess marinade

Pan Sear duck breast, place in confectionist oven, cook to medium well

Put together the mango, arugula, cherry tomatoes and roasted bell peppers and mix with the ginger pineapple vinaigrette

Plate salad and place duck in fan design


Antiguan Pineapple Cavalier Infused Snapper with Basil and Mango Mash Potatoes with Baby Spinach and Beet Salad



Heavy Cream





Puree Mango

Filet of Snapper

Cajun Seasoning

Cavalier Rum

Olive Oil


Baby Spinach

Boil potatoes

Drain, add heavy cream, salt, pepper, puree mango and blend well

Season filet of snapper with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning

Heat pan with olive oil and sear fish on both sides – then put aside

Ring the pineapple and put in pan on a low heat with a little butter, garlic, parsley, Cavalier Rum, white wine, juice of a whole lemon

Place cherry tomato in the centre of each pineapple

Place snapper skin down on top of pineapple and cherry tomato and flash in oven for 2 – 3 minutes

Place mango mashed potatoes on plate with snapper covered in pineapple and cherry tomato rings on top. To the side, add cubed boiled beets and baby spinach salad

Garnish with mango glaze and a few slices of mango…

Absolutely delicious flavours from Chef Naomi at Ana’s Restaurant & Art Gallery. We welcome you with tasteful style…at Ana’s on Dickenson Bay



Karen Walwyn