Indiana at Ana’s Infinity Bar Award Winner at Grand Marnier Mix Master Competition

17429_1569508849989456_7991546801294747516_nAward Winning Entry

Grand Mist

Ana’s Restaurant & Art Gallery is very proud of Indiana, a man who loves to mix his drinks…with a smile. Third Place winner at the Grand Marnier Mix Master Competition earlier this year, Indiana has created an exotic drink that is sure to become an Antiguan classic on all bar menus across the island. A bar tender for the past thirteen years, Indiana has worked at many of Antigua’s finer resorts such as St. James’ Club, Pineapple Resorts and Jolly Beach to name a few. Now at Ana’s Restaurant & Art Gallery, he brings to the Infinity Bar an element of style, a blend of flavours and the taste of an emerging master mixologist. Indiana’s award winning drink, Grand Mist, is a beautiful blend of tropical flavours and fine spirits. The Grand Mist is an absolute delight and refreshing touch on the palate.



First Muddle Pineapple Sugar and 4 Basil Leaves

Add Grand Marnier, Vodka and Lime Juice, mix…

Place a few ice cubes in a frosted wine glass

Pour mixture in the wine glass

Add tonic water

Garnish with a lime reel


Relax and Enjoy…Ana’s Restaurant & Art Gallery welcomes you with love …

by: Karen Walwyn