Karen In The Pink

KarenWAna’s is excited to welcome Karen Walwyn as a contributor to their online blog Pink Tales.

“I really am looking forward to this time at Ana’s. I know it will be most interesting and challenging keeping up with Maria – a lot of fun.” Writing about Ana’s will not be a challenge, says Karen. “The flow and feel of the restaurant sings to my creative side. I feel the move of Europe, the flair of the Caribbean and sense of camaraderie. It sums up my life experience, really.”

Karen describes her background in chronological order as: a student of cultural studies and language; fashion model in Canada; foreign student in Europe; retail employee; discovered her great love of journalism and editing working with two crazy, beloved family members, Winston and Fergie Derrick; realized her true calling in feature and short-story writing; became a wife and mother (“hardest job ever”) and will now try her hand at blogging at Ana’s.

Life, according to Karen, is a journey, which takes us on a path of discovery and adventure. “Sounds really cliché doesn’t it?” she says. “But really, that is what it is all about.”

Karen says her new motto in life is to be bold and embrace it all. “So I should be just fine at Ana’s.”

Ana’s welcomes her to the family and the team is coming along for the ride on this adventure with her. As Karen says, “This is all good. We are going bold and definitely will end being in ‘the pink’. “




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